Poll Widget


In addition to being able to insert a poll within a form, you are also able to insert a poll using a widget in your WordPress Appearance area. This can allow you to insert the poll (or the poll results) in your sidebar for example. Use of widgets may require support from your site theme. Refer to this WordPress page for more information on widgets.

Screen Shot of Poll Widget

Insert the Poll Widget

The Poll widget is inserted the same as any other widget, but if you’re unfamiliar with the process, here’s how to do it.

  1. Within your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over Appearance, and click on Widgets.
  2. Click the black plus button and add the Poll widget to the desired widget area.
  3. Configure any settings you need.


When adding the Poll widget, there are a few settings that you are able to configure.

TitleThis is simply the title that will be displayed within the widget.
Select a FormIn this drop down, you will select the form that contains the poll you would like to be displayed.
Display ModeWithin this drop down, you have the option of either displaying the full poll or only the results.
Display form titleCheck this box to display the form title within the widget.
Display form descriptionCheck this box to display the form description within the widget.
Custom Field NameText value that will be used to name the custom field. Select an existing value or the “Add New Custom Field Name” at the end of the list to enter a new custom field name.

Advanced Settings

Enable AJAXIf you need to, you may enable AJAX submission of the poll when processed through the widget.
Disable script outputIf enabled, this will disable the CSS stylesheets and Javascript from being included in the page header. If the script output is disabled, you will need to include these elsewhere to function properly.
Tab Index StartDetermines where, within the widget, tab indexing will start.

Additional Options

Additional options are also available but apply to the form in it’s entirety. For more information on available features, take a look at the Poll Settings article.


This short movie shows what the user experience is like for a Poll Widget on a sample site.