bookmark_borderPipe Recorder Field

Note: This field is only available when using the Pipe Add-On.


This tab contains general settings related to the field.

Field Label

The field label used within the admin and shown on the front-end when embedding the form.


The field description. If included, it will be displayed on the field when embedding the form.

Video Resolution

The resolution that videos should be recorded in.


The width of the video recorder field.


The height of the video recorder field.

Max Recording Time

The maximum length that a video can be recorded on the field.


The Pipe environment settings to use when processing videos.

Add bottom menu

Includes the bottom menu within the recording window.

Autosave videos

If videos should automatically be saved upon submission.

Mirror image while recording

Mirrors the recording.


Defines if the field is required.


Description Placement

Whether the field description will be placed above or below the field.

Custom Validation Message

The message to use when field validation has failed.

Custom CSS Classes

Custom CSS classes to apply to the field.


Admin Field Label

The field label to use when within the WordPress admin.


The visibility of the field.

Enable Conditional Logic

Enables conditional logic on the field.