Authorize.Net Changelog

2.11 | 2021-03-24

  • Fixed a fatal error when using Edit Entry with the GravityView plugin.

2.10 | 2021-02-10

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate entries can be created when the browser tab is resumed or reloaded when the confirmation message has been displayed.

2.9 | 2020-09-28

  • Added support for Gravity Forms 2.5.
  • Fixed an issue with Solution ID when other plugins also use the API.

2.8 | 2020-04-15

  • Added translations for Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and Turkish.
  • Add Solution ID to single transactions.
  • Fixed a PHP 7.4 notice on the settings page.

2.7 | 2019-08-07

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Removed temporary plugin page.

2.6 | 2019-06-16

  • Updated the SSL certificate for the Authorize.Net SDK.
  • Updated the text of the Automatic Retry setting.

2.5 | 2018-04-12

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added GPL to plugin header.
  • Fixed a fatal error which could occur if the subscription object was not returned by the gform_authorizenet_subscription_pre_create or gform_authorizenet_before_start_subscription filters.
  • Updated Plugin URI and Author URI to use https.

2.4 | 2018-01-29

  • Added support for Gravity Forms 2.3.
  • Added "Automatic Retry is turned on in my Authorize.Net account" checkbox to Settings Page. This feature is required for ARB.
  • Added additional error messages.
  • Updated "Override Default Settings" so it can be translated.
  • Fixed an issue with logging a message when the error_message array in the response object was empty.
  • Fixed strings for translations.
  • Fixed a test description appearing on the add-on settings page with Gravity Forms 2.2+.

2.3 | 2016-09-06

  • Added logging statements.
  • Updated Authorize.Net API library.
  • Fixed an issue with check_status() not connecting to the correct Authorize.Net account when local api settings differed from main api settings.
  • Fixed an issue with cancel_subscription() not connecting to the correct Authorize.Net account when local api settings differed from main api settings.
  • Fixed an issue with the subscription start date not showing the correct date in the entry detail page when the subscription start date is set for a day different than the current day.

2.2.2 | 2016-08-30

  • Fixed an issue with the subscription object billToAddress property.

2.2.1 | 2016-08-15

  • Added support for the line item taxable status being set using the gform_submission_data_pre_process_payment filter, e.g. $line_item['taxable'] = 'N'.

2.2 | 2016-04-08

  • Added logging of response to subscription cancellation request.
  • Added support for sending notifications on payment/subscription events. Configured on the edit notification page using the 'Event' setting.
  • Added phone to the billing information fields available for mapping on the feed.
  • Added Spanish translation (es_ES).
  • Added logging of api key validation failure.
  • Updated the gform_authorizenet_transaction_pre_capture, gform_authorizenet_amount_pre_authorize, gform_authorizenet_transaction_pre_capture_setup_fee, and gform_authorizenet_subscription_pre_create filters to include the $entry as an available parameter.
  • Updated to only add notification events if the form has a relevant feed.
  • Updated minimum Gravity Forms version to 1.9.12.
  • Updated to use can_create_feed() to determine if feeds can be created/edited.
  • Fixed an issue creating the subscription if the form title being assigned to the order description contains special characters.
  • Fixed an issue with the timestamp for logging statements recorded after the subscription startDate is set.
  • Fixed PHP notice related to the parameters of the gform_authorizenet_post_capture hook.
  • Fixed PHP notice which could occur if an authorize and capture transaction failed.
  • Fixed an issue with check_status() not passing the $action['type'] for use with the related hooks in the framework.
  • Fixed an issue with a logging statement.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of the payment details panel on the entry detail page for entries processed by the pre-framework version.
  • Fixed php notices related to the gform_authorizenet_post_capture hook when running an auth only transaction.
  • Fixed an issue with the phone field.
  • Removed potentially sensitive data from logging statements.


  • Updated logging statements.
  • Fixed PHP notice when form returns with a validation error.
  • Fixed an issue with the upgrade routine which could prevent the add-on settings being migrated.


  • Migration to Add-On Framework.
  • Updated subscription so that extra "voided" transaction is not created.


  • Updated POT file.


  • Added custom validation for the credit card field on cardholder's name.
  • Added support for Pound Sterling and Euro.
  • Added hook to allow authorization amount to be changed.
  • Added ability to cancel product payment capture. This will allow customers that want only the CC authorization process to take place and not the actual payment capture.
  • Added form title as subscription's order description to be consistent with initial authorize only transaction.
  • Updated cron to hourly and removed process_renewals() function from init.
  • Updated credit card number so that spaces are removed prior to sending it to Authorize.Net.
  • Fixed issue where product names with tab, newlines, and/or return characters would break transaction in Authorize.Net.
  • Fixed issue where field labels with newlines may break the edit feed UI.
  • Fixed PHP warnings for some unsaved feed settings.
  • Fixed issue where setup fee could not have decimal values (i.e. 49.99).
  • Fixed issue with Manage WP integration.


  • Added POT file.
  • Fixed issue with setup() running too late in the process and creating an error when first installed.
  • Fixed notice.
  • Fixed issue with subscriptions failing to be cancelled. Subscription id was being recorded in DB with incorrect value (transaction id).


  • Added hook to allow the entry id to be saved as part of the Authorize.Net transaction, in the Invoice Number field. add_filter("gform_authorizenet_save_entry_id", "__return_true");
  • Updated flow so that an authorization is done during validation and the capture operation is done during form submission.
  • Updated subscription so that trial are captured as part of the recurring profile and not as a separate AIM transaction.
  • Updated hooks and filters.
  • Fixed function authorizenet_commit_transaction to return entry object when no transaction response exists so entry is returned to gform_entry_post_save filter, otherwise lead is empty.
  • Fixed issue with subscriptions failing to be created when only one name is entered in the cardholder name field.


  • Fixed issue where the "Send Authorize.Net email receipt" setting was not correctly saved to database.


  • Updated AJAX URL to resolve conflict with sites running under SSL.


  • Updated transaction response variable so that it is public, making it available during notifications and confirmations.


  • Added support for Manage WP.
  • Fixed issue with cancel subscription button not showing up correctly.
  • Added support for setup fee.
  • Added support for changing API on a feed by feed basis.
  • Added some hooks and filters.
  • Fixed notice messages.
  • Fixed typo on settings page.


  • Fixed issue with invoice number exceeding max character limit.


  • Added support for negative product prices (i.e. discounts).
  • Added random invoice number to prevent duplicate subscription problem.


  • Fixed issue with failed transactions due to the length of product names and product descriptions.


  • Fixed issue with calculation fields not being included in payment info sent to Authorize.Net
  • Added payment_gateway meta information.
  • Added new conditional logic options (greater than, less than, contains starts with, ends with) and support for other conditional fields.
  • Fixed notices.
  • Fixed setting the payment gateway.
  • Updated logging to use the GF Logging plugin.
  • Fixed issue with ARB not sending appropriate address information.


  • Updated line item logic so that it truncates line item names to 31 characters and descriptions to 255 characters.
  • Updated verbiage and added tooltips to settings page.


  • Fixed issue with expiration date being sent with an invalid format.
  • Fixed issue where product & option fields hidden via conditional logic were being applied to order total.
  • Fixed issue where product options were not being added to line item product price.


  • Fixed issue with trial amount not accepting currency symbols.


  • Added logging functionality to Authorize.Net transactions.
  • Fixed issue with hidden product field.
  • Fixed issue with line items not being sent property to Authorize.Net.
  • Updated request to Authorize.Net so that validate peer is disabled (to help with failed connections).
  • Updated single product field so that it's quantity is defaulted to 1 when the quantity field is disabled.


  • Fixed validation issue on multi-page forms.
  • Added support for multiple feeds to be configured using the same form and executed based on condition.
  • Fixed issue with validation when credit card field was hidden by conditional logic.


  • Added ability to specify mode (Production or Test) on settings page.