PayPal Checkout Add-On


Setting up the PayPal Checkout Add-On

Notice: The Gravity Forms PayPal Commerce Platform Add-On has been renamed PayPal Checkout as of version 2.0. Prerequisites.

Setting up a PayPal Checkout Compatible Form

Prerequisites See the Using the PayPal Checkout Add-On article. Introduction The next step in integrating the PayPal Checkout Add-On is to create the form you are going to use.

Configuring a Feed for the PayPal Checkout Add-On

Summary The feed configuration determines what type of transaction should occur when the form is submitted, what to use as the payment amount, and which fields contain values that should be passed to PayPal.

Configuring Subscriptions in PayPal Checkout

See the new features of our official PayPal Checkout Add-On, including descriptions and screenshots showing how to utilize them.

Configuring Authorize and Capture in PayPal Checkout

This feature of the official Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Add-On allows PayPal to authorize the payment on a customer’s card at entry, but to not capture that payment until you choose.

Refunds in PayPal Checkout

Learn how to initiate a refunds for a completed PayPal payment from within Gravity Forms.

Using the PayPal Checkout Add-On

Introduction The Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Add-On, when connected to the PayPal Checkout, allows you to quickly and easily accept payments from 286 million PayPal customers, in over 100 currencies and across 200 markets, with advanced Fraud Protection and unprecedented control.

Additional PayPal Checkout Payment Buttons

The official Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Add-On supports offering your customers additional PayPal payment options. This article covers how it works

PayPal Checkout Add-On Changelog

View the change log for the Gravity Forms PayPal Commerce Platform Add-On.