Setting up a PayPal Checkout Compatible Form


See the Using the PayPal Checkout Add-On article.


The next step in integrating the PayPal Checkout Add-On is to create the form you are going to use. This can include existing forms. To be compatible with the PayPal Checkout Add-On, your Gravity Form must contain:

Create Your Form

  1. From the left-hand navigation menu of your WordPress admin dashboard, hover over Forms and click on New Form.
  2. Enter a Form Title and Form Description. Click Create Form. Alternatively you can hover over Forms and click on Forms to choose an existing form from the list.
  3. Add fields for capturing customer billing and/or delivery information. We included the Name, Address and Email fields to get basic information from customers; however, you can use other field types (such as Single Line Text fields) to collect this information if you prefer.
    PayPal Checkout Form Customer Billing Information FIelds
  4. Add Pricing fields to your form and configure them as needed. In this example Product, Shipping, and Total fields serve as the Pricing fields.
    PayPal Checkout Form Pricing Fields
  5. Add the PayPal Field – Expand the Pricing Fields section and add the PayPal Field to your form. When using multiple add-ons, such as the Stripe Card field, conditional logic should be used to show/hide the field depending on the payment processor selected in another field such a Drop Down field. See the Setting Up Conditional Payments In Gravity Forms article for an example. Note: The PayPal Field is not compatible with the Gravity Forms Credit Card field.
    PayPal Checkout Form PayPal Field

If your form does not look exactly like the images above, don’t panic. Every form will vary depending on which fields were selected and what order they were added to the form. As long as you have pricing fields of some sort and the PayPal Field, your form is valid for integration.


Now that you have created your form visit the Configuring a Feed for the PayPal Checkout Add-On article for the next step in the integration process. This is a critical step. If the form does not have an active PayPal Checkout feed the PayPal Checkout will NOT process the form submission.

If you need help with creating forms, visit Creating a Form for more information.


  • When using Page fields to create a multi-page form, the PayPal Field should be located on the last page of the form.
  • If you delete the PayPal Field from your form, the PayPal Checkout feeds will automatically deactivate to prevent them from running during form submission, which as the field is missing, would cause a validation error due to PayPal being unable to capture the payment details.
  • The add-on doesn’t support having multiple forms in the same page using PayPal Checkout.