What is this Charge on my Credit Card?

I have a charge on my statement for Gravity Forms, can you explain what this is for?

Gravity Forms is the preeminent WordPress plugin to enable web professionals and website administrators to add simple or complex forms to their WordPress websites, as well as to integrate submissions from those forms to a host of external services. This helpful article explains what Gravity Forms is in a little more detail.

​If you have been billed for Gravity Forms, then you have purchased or renewed one of our licenses. Our licenses renew annually, and you can see our license plans and payment amounts on this page.

How Do I See My License?

If you know the email address your license was purchased under, you can view your license details, including what sites it is being used on and the transaction history by logging in to your account.

See also this help page for articles on your Gravity Forms account page.

How Can I Get A Refund?

A refund can be requested from within your account. See this guide.

How Can I Get More Info?

We have a host of quick-read help guides on this very website. Try starting here for articles about your license and account.

If you do not know the email address the license was purchased against, you can contact our support team here. We will require details about the purchase method used, so please include:

  • date of purchase
  • first 3 digits and final 4 digits of the credit card used.
  • name on the card