List of Gravity Forms license key validation errors

The following list of shows the possible validation messages you may see if you have a problem attempting to register your Gravity Forms license key on a WordPress site. For information on how to find and enter your license key, see this article

Also see this related article on some tips for troubleshooting a license validation failure.

MessageMeaningPossible Action
Valid LicenseSuccess. You are good to go!
Expired LicenseRejected. License key is no longer active, and therefore cannot be used to register.
See this article on license expiry.
Purchase a new license.
Exceeds Max SitesRejected. License key already has met the permitted number of sites. Refer to our pricing page or this article for site limits. Upgrade your license.
Invalid License or License Key IncorrectRejected. License key was not known, or a proper connection could not be made to the licensing server to validate your key. Check this detailed article for troubleshooting steps.
Multisite not allowedRejected. This license key does not support multisite installations. Refer to our pricing page or this article for site limits.Upgrade your license.
Site RevokedRejected. License key is valid, but this website has been revoked by the license owner. Refer to this document for more information. Can only be un-revoked from within the owning Gravity Forms account.

Note that some site URL patterns commonly used for testing and sandbox development (not live traffic) are not included when calculating site limits. Refer to this knowledge base article for more information.