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The Product field allows the creation of products in the form. There are several options for the type of field that should be used for the Product field: Single Product, Drop Down, Radio Buttons and User Defined Price.

Gravity Forms Settings Page

The Settings area of Gravity Forms is where you can set the plug-in wide settings, as well as the CAPTCHA options.

Viewing Poll Results

Polls won’t do you any good without being able to see the results. With the Gravity Forms Polls Add-On, your poll results are just as easy to see as any other entries.

Save and Continue

Summary Save and Continue functionality is a critical feature that many individuals rely on when building large forms.

Resetting Results for Polls, Quizzes and Surveys

Learn how to reset the results of a poll.

Access Your Form Settings

This article shows a few different ways to access the Form Settings screen in Gravity Forms.

Adding an inline Submit Button in Gravity Forms 2.5

This tutorial provides a quick overview of how to add an inline submit button with the new columnar layout editor available in Gravity Forms 2.5.

Troubleshooting the Zapier Add-On

Having trouble getting Zapier to Connect to your Gravity Forms? This troubleshooting guide will help.

Sending Product Information to Google Sheets using Zapier (v3 and earlier)

This step-by-step example shows you how to send a list of product information, as collected from a form, to a Google spreadsheet using the Zapier Add-On.

Polls Block

This article shows the options available within the block option of the Gravity Forms Polls usable within the WordPress 5 block editor.