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About Stripe Link

The official Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On supports Stripe’s Payment Link service through the Stripe Field. This article describes the basics of that service.

Authenticating With Stripe FAQ

Version 2.8 of our official Stripe add-on implements Stripe's recommended Stripe Connect authentication and account linking method.

Canceling Recurring Subscriptions in Stripe

In this article, we will show you how to cancel recurring subscriptions that were placed using the Stripe Add-On from within the WordPress admin.

Changes to Stripe Checkout with Stripe Add-On v3.0

Version 3 of the official Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On made a number of changes to bring our add-on into line with Stripe’s updates around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and their new API. This document describes the existing flow using Stripe Checkout and Stripe filters that have been affected.

Deprecation of the Gravity Forms Credit Card Field

Notice The Gravity Forms Credit Card Field has been deprecated in the Stripe Add-On from version 3.4. Forms that are currently using this field will continue to work, however, it is not possible to add the field to new forms.

Gravity Forms Stripe Marketplace App FAQ

This article covers some of the most common questions regarding the Gravity Forms for Stripe app that can be found on the Stripe App Marketplace.

How Stripe chooses which Payment Methods to show

This article describes the factors that determine which payment methods are presented to your customers when they come to your Gravity Form with a Stripe payment option embedded.

Stripe 5.0 Release Notes

This article includes feature notes and a change log for the release of the official Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On version 5.0.

Stripe Customer Portal Shortcode Action

The Stripe Add-on adds an action to the Gravity Forms shortcode that can be used to display the logged in users subscription information, and a link that redirects to the payment gateway for each.

Stripe Marks Charge As Recurring When It Is Non-Recurring

Issue Charges made through the Stripe Add-On have shown up flagged as "recurring", when they are not part of a recurring subscription plan.