GFSignature is the class which houses some of the functionality included by the Gravity Forms Signature Add-on, it extends the GFAddOn class which is part of the add-on framework. Below are a few functions which you may find useful when working on your own custom code.


The gf_signature() function is used to return an instance of the GFSignature class.


Returns the URL for the specified signature.

$signature_url = gf_signature()->get_signature_url( $filename );
  • $filename string

    The filename for this signature. The filename can be found in the Entry Object as the value for the signature field.

  • Returns string

    The url for the specified signature.


Initiates deletion of the signature file and updates the entry to remove the filename.

$result = gf_signature()->delete_signature( $entry_id, $field_id );
  • $entry_id integer

    The ID of the entry to be updated.

  • $field_id integer

    The ID of the signature field.

  • Returns bool

    Indicates if the entry field value was sucesfully updated.

Last modified: October 4, 2017