Advanced Post Creation vs Post Fields


Each of these methods allow you to set up a form that upon submission automatically creates a new post with the data from the form.

The official Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-On (summarized here as “APC”) has some useful features that are not included in the standard Post Fields, and they do function differently. APC is created in the form settings while post fields are dragged and dropped directly on the form.

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Post Fields

Post Fields are added to the form directly, and provide input fields for each of the major components of a post. In this way, you control the content of your post directly from the form fields themselves.

When the user submits a form that contains any post fields a standard post will be created with content from the post fields that were included.

Post Fields - Icons


  • Simple to setup.
  • Quickest method to create a simplistic standard post.
  • Easy to manage for anyone who understands the form editor.

Advanced Post Creation

The Advanced Post Creation Add-On can utilize any fields on your form that match the required type, and the creation of the post is managed by the feed you set-up from within the Form Settings → Post Creation.

Note that forms to be used to initiate Advanced Post Creation feeds cannot use the standard Post fields.

Refer to this help guide for details on how to create an APC feed.

Screenshot of Advanced Post Creation Feed


  • Can be used with an existing form, and does not require (and cannot use) Post fields.
  • Has the ability to create standard and custom posts. For example: Product, Event, Team Member postings.
  • Offers additional post settings.
  • Allows more control over the post content, using merge tags and static text.
  • Allows you to utilize conditional logic, to have branching feed choices based on form data submitted.