Entry Detail

GForms Entry Detail Settings

The Entry detail page allows you to view the information created for the entry. From this screen you can view the info, add notes, print, and enable notifications.

Entry Data

This information varies, depending on the type of fields you selected for your form.

Show empty fieldsBy default, empty fields are not shown on the entry page. If you check this box, it enables you to see the empty fields.

Entry Notes

With Entry Notes, you can add notes to your entries, allowing you to keep important, related information right with the correlating entry.

Add NoteThis action adds the note to your entry. Beside the Add Note button, you can select who you would like to email the note to.

Entry Summary

Contains a quick summary of various entry details.

Move to TrashFrom here you can move your entry to the trash, emptying the trash will permanently delete the entry and any files uploaded to it.
EditFrom here you can edit your original entry.


This allows you to resend notifications, for more information please visit Resend Notifications.


This option allows you to print out a hard copy of your entry.

Include NotesSelect the fields that you would like to enable, as well as set any custom labels.