Reviewing Spam Submissions

The following features are available on the Entries List and Entry Detail pages when entries have been marked as spam by a compatible anti-spam plugin.

Entry Page

Entries Filter

A Spam link, with entry count, appears above the entries list table. This link allows you to view entries which have been marked as spam. This is where you will most likely find missing submissions.

Quick Action

A Spam or Not Spam link will appear as a quick action when hovering over each entry in the entries list table.

Clicking the Spam link changes the entry status property to spam, moving it out of the all entries view and into the spam filter view.

Clicking the Not Spam link changes the entry status property to active, moving it back into the all entries view.

Bulk Action

Multiple entries can be selected and marked as spam or not spam using the bulk action drop down, located above and below the entries list table.

Entry Detail Page

Spam or Not Spam links appear in the sidebar at the bottom of the entry info meta box.