Why did the Stripe Feed Subscription Name Change?

With Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On version 3.7.2 and greater you may occasionally notice the value of the Subscription Name setting on your Stripe feed changes to include additional numbers and underscores.

This can happen when the add-on finds a plan already exists in Stripe with an ID that matches the current feed configuration and one of the following scenarios is encountered:

  • The plan amount does not match the submission amount
  • The plan currency code does not match the submission currency code
  • The plan billing cycle does not match the feed billing cycle

When the add-on determines the existing plan is not suitable for the submission being processed it appends the current date and time formatted with underscores (e.g. _2020_07_29_10_27_39) to the feed Subscription Name and updates the feed in the database. It then creates a new plan in Stripe based on the updated feed configuration. This change ensures that the customer is billed correctly.