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  • Installation

    Installing Gravity Forms is a breeze. Here you’ll find everything you need to get Gravity Forms installed within seconds.

  • Creating a Form

    Gravity Forms has been built from the ground up to be as simple to use as it is powerful. Creating a form has never been easier!

  • Configuring Notifications

    Keep track of every form submission, notify your users that their submission was successful, and more.

  • Embedding a Form

    Forms are only useful when someone can use them. Embed your forms directly into your content with ease.

  • Reviewing Form Submissions

    Easily review every submission to your forms in an easy to use interface.

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Modifying Field Layout with CSS Ready Classes

Introduction In Gravity Forms 1.5 we added "Ready Classes". Using these new classes, you can easily create more advanced alternative layouts for the fields in your forms.

{quiz_passfail} Merge Tag

Displays either Passed or Failed based on the Pass/Fail settings configured in the Quiz Settings.

WP Config Options

Configuration options for Gravity Forms within WordPress.

{quiz} Merge Tag

Displays the specific quiz question along with your answer and the correct answer.

CSS Element Naming Structure

Gravity Forms are structured so that every element can be targeted and manipulated via CSS. Most elements share reusable class names to affect styling, and many elements have unique ID’s that you can use to target specific elements within the form.

CSS Visual Guide and Design Overview

We’ve put together a simple visual guide to help illustrate the structure of a form and the CSS class relationship.

Changes to markup in Gravity Forms 2.5

Gravity Forms 2.5 introduced significant updates to the markup used, and this article contains a list of the major changes that designers should consider.

About Legacy Markup

Legacy markup is a term we used in Gravity Forms to identify the markup code and practices that existed in prior to version 2.5 of our core product. This article explains more.

CSS Targeting Examples

Overview and usage examples for targeting each CSS element in Gravity Forms.

Form Settings

Explore the available form settings for Gravity Forms.