{entry} Merge Tag


Can be used in areas such as notifications and confirmations to display entry properties after the entry has been saved. Because this relies on the entry being saved, it cannot be used as a field’s default value.





The entry ID of the submission.


The ID of the WordPress user who submitted the form.


The UTC date and time the entry was created in the yyyy-mm-dd hh::mm::ss format.


The currency code used for this submission.


The current payment status of the entry (ie “Authorized”, “Paid”, “Processing”, “Pending”, “Active”, “Expired”, “Failed”, “Cancelled”, “Approved”, “Reversed”, “Refunded”, “Voided”).


The UTC date and time, in the yyyy-mm-dd hh::mm::ss format, when the payment add-on processed the entry.


The payment amount without currency formatting.


The ID of the transaction returned by the payment gateway.


The URL for the Save and Continue link, if available. Only for Partial Entries.