Entry Creator Merge Tag


The entry creator merge tag can be used in notifications, confirmations, and with some add-ons to output properties of the user whose ID is stored in the entry created_by property, usually the user who was logged in at the time the entry was saved. It cannot be used in field settings. To populate fields with the values of the currently logged in user use the User Merge Tag instead.


Support for this merge tag was added in Gravity Forms 2.5. It was previously only available when using some add-ons from certified developers.



Meta Keys

Any single user meta (including custom user meta) can be displayed with this merge tag by replacing [meta_key] with the specific meta_key for which you are wanting a value.

Below are a few examples of how this merge tag can be used.

Meta Key Description Usage
ID Outputs the ID of the entry creator {created_by:ID}
first_name Outputs the first name of the entry creator {created_by:first_name}
last_name Outputs the last name of the entry creator {created_by:last_name}
display_name Outputs the display name of the entry creator {created_by:display_name}
user_email Outputs the email address of the entry creator {created_by:user_email}
user_login Outputs the username of the entry creator {created_by:user_login}
[custom_key] Outputs the value of the specified meta key {created_by:preferred_contact_method}