Post Image Merge Tags


Will display either the uploaded post image, or metadata about the image.


{[Post Image Field Name]:[field_id]:[modifier]}

  • [Post Image Field Name] is a descriptive text for the field you are targeting, and can be anything you require. This is included for readability, and is not mandatory.
  • [field_id] is the id of the post image field you are targeting, and is required.
  • [modifier] options are noted below.


This merge tag is available for the Post Title and Post Body field’s Create Content Template setting.

Special drop downs will appear when a Post Image field is selected from the content template merge tag drop down. This special drop down will provide a variety of pre-built merge tags for displaying the post image at all size and alignment combinations. For example, {My Post Image:5:thumbnail:left}

Modifiers That Affect Image Display

These two modifiers affect the display of the post image.
They can be combined. For example {Post Image:5:medium:left}

:sizeAccepts all standard WordPress sizes: “thumbnail”, “medium”, “large” and “full”. Additionally, any registered custom size is supported as well. For more information on adding custom image sizes, read this article.
Example: {Post Image:5:medium}
:alignmentSpecify how the post image should be aligned with its adjacent content. Support values are “left”, “right” and “centered”.
Example: {Post Image:5:medium:left}

Modifiers That Display Image Meta

These modifiers will display meta about the post image, rather than the post image itself.

:urlDisplay the URL to the specified size of the post image. This option nullifies the [alignment] option. {Post Image:5:url}
:titleDisplay the title of the image from image metadata. {Post Image:5:title}
:descriptionDisplay the description of the image from image metadata. {Post Image:5:description}
:captionDisplay the caption of the image from image metadata. {Post Image:5:caption}