bookmark_borderPost Image Merge Tags


Will display either the uploaded post image, or metadata about the image.


{[Post Image Field Name]:[field_id]:[modifier]}

  • [Post Image Field Name] is a descriptive text for the field you are targeting, and can be anything you require. This is included for readability, and is not mandatory.
  • [field_id] is the id of the post image field you are targeting, and is required.
  • [modifier] options are noted below.


This merge tag is available for the Post Title and Post Body field’s Create Content Template setting.

Special drop downs will appear when a Post Image field is selected from the content template merge tag drop down. This special drop down will provide a variety of pre-built merge tags for displaying the post image at all size and alignment combinations. For example, {My Post Image:5:thumbnail:left}

Modifiers That Affect Image Display

These two modifiers affect the display of the post image.
They can be combined. For example {Post Image:5:medium:left}


Accepts all standard WordPress sizes: “thumbnail”, “medium”, “large” and “full”. Additionally, any registered custom size is supported as well. For more information on adding custom image sizes, read this article.
Example: {Post Image:5:medium}


Specify how the post image should be aligned with its adjacent content. Support values are “left”, “right” and “centered”.
Example: {Post Image:5:medium:left}

Modifiers That Display Image Meta

These modifiers will display meta about the post image, rather than the post image itself.


Display the URL to the specified size of the post image. This option nullifies the [alignment] option. {Post Image:5:url}


Display the title of the image from image metadata. {Post Image:5:title}


Display the description of the image from image metadata. {Post Image:5:description}


Display the caption of the image from image metadata. {Post Image:5:caption}