{payment_action} Merge Tag


The {payment_action} merge tag can only be used in notifications assigned to events added by payment add-ons such as Authorize.net, PayPal Standard, PayPal Payments Pro, and Stripe to output details of the event which triggered the notification.

This merge tag was added in Gravity Forms





The event action type: complete_payment, refund_payment, fail_payment, add_pending_payment, void_authorization, create_subscription, cancel_subscription, expire_subscription, add_subscription_payment, fail_subscription_payment, or a custom action type added by the add-on.


The transaction amount without currency formatting.


The transaction amount with currency formatting.


The transaction type: authorization, payment, or refund.


The ID of the transaction returned by the payment gateway.


The ID of the subscription returned by the payment gateway.


The entry ID of the submission.


The current payment status of the entry: Authorized, Paid, Processing, Pending, Active, Expired, Failed, Cancelled, Approved, Reversed, Refunded, Voided, or a custom status added by the add-on.


The note which was added to the entry for this event by the add-on.