bookmark_borderCreating a Feed for the Campaign Monitor Add-On

To begin using Campaign Monitor with the Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor add-on, you will need to create a feed to determine how your fields will interact with the third-party service. In this article, we will show you how to create a feed within the Campaign Monitor add-on for Gravity Forms.

Note: This article assumes that you have already saved your Campaign Monitor API key within the addon settings. If you need information on how to do this, see our article on obtaining and saving your Campaign Monitor API key.

  1. To begin, log into your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. campaign-monitor-feeds-1Once logged in, hover over Forms on the left side navigation menu and click on Forms.
  3. campaign-monitor-feeds-2Next, select the form that you want to be used within Campaign Monitor by clicking on the name of the form.
  4. campaign-monitor-feeds-3Within the top menu, hover over Form Settings and click on Campaign Monitor.
  5. campaign-monitor-feeds-4You’re now ready to begin creating your feed. To create a new feed, click the Add New button.
  6. campaign-monitor-feeds-5When within the Feed Settings page, first enter a name for your feed within the Name field. This is simply used to identify your field and can be anything you want, as long as it is unique.
  7. campaign-monitor-feeds-6Next, you will need to select your Campaign Monitor contact list that this feed will use. Select the appropriate contact list using the dropdown labeled Contact List.
  8. campaign-monitor-feeds-7Now that you have selected your list, additional options will appear. The first of these will be the Map Fields option. Within this option, you will map your contact list fields with your form fields. The Campaign Monitor fields will be displayed in the left column, and your form fields may be selected from the dropdowns in the left column.
  9. campaign-monitor-feeds-8Conditional logic may also be configured by using the Enable Condition checkbox. If conditional logic is used, a user will only be opted into the list when the defined condition is met.
  10. campaign-monitor-feeds-9Lastly, is the Resubscribe option. This option will cause a user that has become inactive or unsubscribed to be resubscribed to the list.
  11. Once all your feed options are set, simply click the Update Settings button.

You should now know how to correctly configure a feed for the Campaign Monitor add-on. Now that your feed is configured, entries will be passed on to Campaign Monitor accordingly.