Creating a Feed for the CleverReach Add-On


Before the CleverReach Add-On can be used with Gravity Forms, you will first need to create a feed. A feed simply allows form submission data to be sent to another source. In this instance, subscriber data being sent to CleverReach.

Create a Feed

To create a feed to CleverReach using the CleverReach Add-On for Gravity Forms, do the following from your WordPress Admin Dashboard:

  1. Click on Forms in the left side menu.
  2. Select the form that you want to use with CleverReach.
  3. Once within your desired form, hover over Settings and click on CleverReach.
  4. Click Add New to create a new feed. You will be presented with the CleverReach feed settings screen.

Feed Settings Reference

CleverReach Add-On Feed Settings

This table describes the feed settings options you will be offered for a CleverReach feed.

SettingDescriptionImage Key
NameTo identify your feed when viewing the feed list page. Required1
GroupThis is the mailing list the subscriber will be added to. Required2
Email FieldSelect the Email field in your form that represents the email address of the subscriber submitting the form. Required3
Custom FieldsMap each of the contact list fields to the desired form field that will contain that information.4
Double Opt-In FormChoose a CleverReach form to send an opt-in email to upon form submission. This option will only appear if there are CleverReach forms that are assigned to the selected CleverReach group.5
Opt-In ConditionThe opt-in condition is a conditional statement that requires a check box, radio button, or dropdown selection to determine if the CleverReach integration feed should be executed or not. This is highly recommended.6