Creating a Feed for the Coupons Add-On


Before the Coupons Add-On can be used with Gravity Forms, you will first need to create a feed. A Coupon feed allows you to integrate the Coupons functionality with a Gravity Forms form to create a Coupon Pricing Field. The Coupon field works in conjunction with the other pricing fields, taking the total of all of the fields and applying a discount.

Note: It is required that you include one at least one Product field and one Total field to use the Coupon Field.

Create a Feed

To create a feed for Coupons using the Coupons add-on for Gravity Forms, do the following from your WordPress Admin Dashboard:

  1. Click on Forms in the left side menu.
  2. Click on Coupons in the left side Forms menu.
  3. Click Add New to create a new feed. You will be presented with the Coupons feed settings screen.

Feed Settings

The following fields are available within the settings screen. Refer to the screenshot of the settings below.

  1. Select the form you wish to add a Coupon field to from the Gravity Form drop down.
  2. Fill in the information under Coupon Basics:

    Coupon Name: The name you would like your Coupon to have.
    Coupon Code: The coupon code you would like your customer to input upon checkout. This can consist of letters or numbers of any order.
    Coupon Amount: The amount of the coupon. Select Flat($) or Percentage(%). If you select Flat($), the customer will receive a certain dollar amount off of their product. If you select Percentage, the customer will pay a certain percent less on their product.
  3. Fill in the information under Coupon Options:

    Start Date: The date you want your coupon to be valid. Your customer will not be able to use this coupon until on or after this date.
    End Date: Determines when the coupon expires, rather than when it becomes valid. Expiration occurs on the End Date at 23:59:59 in the timezone configured in the WordPress General Settings.
    Usage Limit: The number of times this particular coupon code may be used or redeemed.
    Stackable: By default this option is not enabled. Check this box if you would like your customers to be able to use multiple coupons in one purchase.
  4. Click the Update Settings button to save your options.

Feed Settings Screenshot

Coupon Settings Page