bookmark_borderCreating Feeds For the Breeze Add-On

Creating a feed for the Breeze add-on is simple. Feeds simply tell Gravity Forms what to do with the information and how to send it to other services. In this article, we will show you how to make a feed for the Breeze add-on with just a few simple steps.

Note: This article assumes you have already installed the Breeze add-on, as well as activated your Breeze API key.

  1. breeze-feeds-1From your WordPress admin dashboard, access the form that you want to use with Breeze. To do so, click on Forms on the left side navigation menu, then click on the form you want to use.
  2. breeze-feeds-2On the top of the page, hover over Form Settings and click on Breeze.
  3. breeze-feeds-3To create a new feed that will be used with Breeze, click Add New.
  4. breeze-feeds-4First, you will need to name your feed. Within the field labeled Feed Name, enter a name for your feed. This is never displayed and is only used for identification purposes. You can name this anything you want.
  5. breeze-feeds-5Next, you will be presented with a dropdown to select your Breeze Project. Select the project that you want to use with this form.
  6. breeze-feeds-6Based on your project selection, the Breeze List dropdown will be populated with the available lists in the project. Select the list that you want to add items to when using this feed.
  7. breeze-feeds-7Now that those details are out of the way, it’s time to start getting the cards set up. The first setting here will be the Name. This is the name of the card that will be created when the feed is processed. You may enter text here, as well as use merge tags to dynamically generate content. Available merge tags can be viewed and inserted using the icon to the right of the field.
  8. breeze-feeds-8Optionally, you can also set a card description that will be displayed on the Breeze card that is created. This field also supports standard text as well as merge tags.
  9. breeze-feeds-9By default, a due date on the created card is not set, but can be set using the Due Date dropdown. If you want to set a due date, select Add Custom Due Date in the dropdown, and enter the number of days until the item will be due. For example, if you want submissions to be due in a week, enter 7 into this box.
  10. breeze-feeds-10Users can be assigned to the created card by selecting the checkboxes next to the Assign Users To Card label. If you don’t want to assign any users, simply leave this empty.
  11. breeze-feeds-11Just like the other Gravity Forms add-ons, you can use conditional logic to process your feeds. By enabling the Enable Conditional Logic checkbox, you can set this field to only be processed based on your defined rules.

Your feed for the Breeze add-on has now been created. Be sure to save your settings, then begin using your feed!