Obtaining Your MailerLite API Key

To use the MailerLite Add-On, you will need to first obtain the MailerLite API key. In this article, we will show you exactly how to create a new API key.

This add-on is a beta release and is available for download via your Gravity Forms account downloads page. We encourage you to thoroughly test beta releases in controlled sandbox environments and do not recommend their use on production environments. Beta functionality and features may be subject to change or removal before final release.

  1. Log into your MailerLite account.
  2. Click on Integrations in the left sidebar.MailerLite Integrations
  3. Under the MailerLite API section, click on Use next to API.MailerLite API
  4. Next to API Tokens, click Generate new token. API Token
  5. Enter a token name, check the box to accept the terms, and click Create token.Generate API Key
  6. Click the Copy button to copy your new token.

Now, you can paste this key into your Gravity Forms MailerLite Add-On settings. Refer to the Setting up the MailerLite Add-On documentation for further details.

If you need further help to get your API key, we recommend you contact MailerLite support.