bookmark_borderSetting Up A Feed For The Trello Add-On

To use the Trello add-on with Gravity Forms, you will first need to set up a feed so that the data can be appropriately relayed from Gravity Forms to Trello.

  1. trello-feed-1Within your WordPress admin dashboard, locate the form that you would like to interact with Trello. To do so, click on Forms on the left side menu, then click on the form you would like to manage.
  2. trello-feed-2On the menu at the top, hover over Form Settings and click on Trello.
  3. trello-feed-3To create a new feed for the Trello add-on, click the Add New button.
  4. trello-feed-4The first option within the feed creation screen is the Feed Name field. Here, simply enter any unique name you want. It is simply used to identify the feed for ease of access later.
  5. trello-feed-12Next, you will need to select a Trello board that you would like to use. Select your desired board from the Trello Board dropdown.
  6. trello-feed-6Once your board is selected, the Trello List option will appear. Select the Trello list that you would like to add submitted items to.
  7. trello-feed-7After selecting the list that the new item will be added to, additional options will appear. The first of these options are the Name and Description fields. These fields accept merge tags to dynamically generate content. To view and insert available merge tags, simply click on the icon to the right of the field.
  8. trello-feed-8Next is the Due Date field. This field accepts only numerical values and simply determines how many days from the submission of the form the newly created task will be due.
  9. trello-feed-9The Labels field will allow you to color code the newly created list item. Simply use the checkboxes to select any color labels you would like to be added to the item.
  10. trello-feed-10On the Members option, you will determine what team members will be assigned to the newly created item within Trello.
  11. trello-feed-11Like other Gravity Forms add-ons, the Trello add-on also supports conditional logic. For more information on conditional logic in Gravity Forms, take a look at the Enable Conditional Logic article.

You have now successfully created a feed for the Trello add-on to use. Simply save your settings and the feed will now be used when information is submitted from your form.