Setting Up the Trello Add-On



Before you can begin creating a feed for the Trello Add-On, you will first need to authorize it to access your Trello account.

Log into your WordPress Admin dashboard.

Go to Forms > Settings > Trello. You’ll be presented with a button to Authorize with Trello. Click the button to authenticate with your Trello account.

Gravity Forms Settings for Trello to Authorize with Trello account.

You will be presented with a notice advising you are being Redirected to Trello.

Dialogue advising you are being Redirected to Trello during Gravity Forms Trello Add-On authentication.

If you are not already logged into your Trello Account, you will be asked to login to Trello. Login to Trello.

Once you are logged into your Trello Account, the next dialogue asks you “Would you like to give the following application access to your account?”. This dialogue will include:

  • Application Name: Gravity Forms
  • Trello Account you are logged into and your User Name
  • What permissions Gravity Forms is requesting to your Trello Account, and
  • The boards and workspaces Gravity Forms will have access to.
Permissions screen at Trello asking for you to allow Gravity Forms to access your account.

Click Allow to authorize Gravity Forms to access your account.

You will be redirected back to your website from Trello.

Redirecting you back to your website after authorizing Trello with Gravity Forms

You will now be returned to your Gravity Forms Trello Settings and will see a successful connection to Trello.

Authenticated with Trello in the Gravity Forms Trello Add-On

Once you have authorized the Trello Add-On, you’re ready to begin creating a feed for the Trello Add-On.

Upgrading from Earlier Version

If you are upgrading from a version of the Trello Add-On earlier than 2.0, you’ll need to re-authenticate to Trello. This will not impact any of your existing feeds.

You will see a warning in your Gravity Forms Admin screen: Gravity Forms Trello requires re-authentication. Please disconnect and re-connect to continue using this add-on.

Gravity Forms Admin Screen showing Trello Add-On Warning that you will need to deauthorize and re-connect to Trello.

Re-Authenticating to Trello

Go to Forms > Settings > Trello and click De-Authorize Trello.

Gravity Forms Trello Add-On De-Authorize Trello button

After clicking, you’ll receive the Settings Updated notice and the button will change to Click here to Authenticate your Trello Account. Continue with the steps above to Authenticate your Trello account.

After de-authorizing Trello, the Settings Updated notice is displayed along with a button change to Authorize with Trello.