Authorize.Net Config


The Authorize.Net Config ($config) is an associative array; it is populated by the properties from the Feed Object. It is used to ensure hooks which were available in the pre-framework versions of the plugin remain backwards compatible, simply making the new Feed Object available to these hooks instead could break existing code.

$config = array(
	'id'         => 5,
	'form_id'    => 10,
	'is_active'  => true,
	'meta'       => array(),


We recommend accessing the $config properties using the rgar() or rgars() functions, e.g.:

$meta = rgar( $config, 'meta' );
$conditional_logic_enabled = rgars( $config, 'meta/authorizenet_conditional_enabled' );


  • id integer

    The feed ID.

  • form_id integer

    The form ID this feed was created for.

  • is_active boolean

    Is the feed active or inactive. Default is true.

  • meta array

    Config meta is an associative array. See below for the available properties.

Meta Properties

  • type string

    The type of transaction which should occur when the feed is processed. Possible values: product or subscription.

  • customer_fields array

    An associative array containing the Customer Fields Properties.

  • enable_receipt boolean

    Send Authorize.Net email receipt? Default is false.

  • api_settings_enabled boolean

    Override the default API settings? Default is false.

  • api_mode string

    Which mode should this feed use when overriding the default API settings. Possible values: production or test.

  • api_login string

    The API login ID to use when overriding the default API settings.

  • api_key string

    The API transaction key to use when overriding the default API settings.

  • authorizenet_conditional_enabled boolean

    Is the feed condition (conditional logic) setting enabled. Default is false.

  • authorizenet_conditional_field_id integer

    Target field Id. Field that will have it’s value compared with the authorizenet_conditional_value property to determine if this rule is a match.

  • authorizenet_conditional_operator string

    Operator to be used when evaluating this rule. Possible values: is, isnot, >, <, contains, starts_with, or ends_with.

  • authorizenet_conditional_value string

    The value to compare with field specified by authorizenet_conditional_field_id.

Subscription Transaction Meta Properties

The following properties are only applicable when the type is set to subscription.

  • recurring_amount_field string

    What to use for the recurring amount. Possible values: form_total or a product field ID

  • billing_cycle_number integer

    How often should the recurring payment occur. Minimum values: 7 days or 1 month. Maximum values: 365 days or 12 months.

  • billing_cycle_type string

    What unit to use with the billing_cycle_number. Possible values: day or month.

  • recurring_times integer

    How many times the recurring payment should be made. The default (0) is to bill the customer until the subscription is canceled.

  • setup_fee_enabled boolean

    Should a setup fee be charged? Default is false.

  • setup_fee_amount_field string

    The ID of the product field containing the amount the user should be charged for the setup fee.

  • trial_period_enabled boolean

    Should the recurring charge occur immediately or after a trial period? Default false.

  • trial_period_number integer

    The duration of the trial. Default value: 1.

  • trial_amount string

    The amount the user should be charged during the trial if enter_amount is selected for the trial_product.

  • update_post_action string

    Change the post status when a subscription is canceled? Possible values: draft or delete.

Customer Fields Properties

  • email string

    The ID of the field containing the customer’s email.

  • address1 string

    The ID of the field containing the first line of the customer’s address.

  • address2 string

    The ID of the field containing the second line of the customer’s address.

  • city string

    The ID of the field containing the city of the customer’s address.

  • state string

    The ID of the field containing the state of the customer’s address.

  • zip string

    The ID of the field containing the zip of the customer’s address.

  • country string

    The ID of the field containing the country of the customer’s address.