Capsule CRM Feed Meta


The Feed Object meta for the Capsule CRM add-on is an associative array containing the properties which determine how the add-on should process the form submission.

$feed['meta'] = array(
	'feed_name'                               => 'Capsule CRM Feed 1',
	'person_standard_fields_first_name'       => '2',
	'person_custom_fields'                    => array(),
	'feed_condition_conditional_logic'        => true,
	'feed_condition_conditional_logic_object' => array(
		'conditionalLogic' => array(),


We recommend accessing the $feed meta using the rgar() or rgars() functions, e.g.:

$conditional_logic_enabled = rgars( $feed, 'meta/feed_condition_conditional_logic' );


  • feed_name string

    The feed name which appears on the add-ons feeds tab.

  • create_person boolean

    Create new contact. Default is false.

  • create_task boolean

    Create new task. Default is false.

  • person_standard_fields_first_name string

    The ID of the form field containing the contact’s first name.

  • person_standard_fields_last_name string

    The ID of the form field containing the contact’s last name.

  • person_standard_fields_email_address string

    The ID of the form field containing the contact’s email.

  • person_custom_fields array

    A multidimensional array containing the Capsule CRM custom fields. See Custom Field Properties.

  • person_about string

    The content to be assigned to the contact’s about field. Merge tags supported.

  • update_person_enable boolean

    Should an existing contact be updated if found? Default is false.

  • update_person_action string

    The update action. Should the contact details be replaced or appended. Job title and company will be replaced whether replace or append is chosen. Possible values: replace or append.

  • create_case boolean

    Assign the contact to a new case. Default is false.

  • create_opportunity boolean

    Assign the contact to a new opportunity. Default is false.

  • case_name string

    The case name. Merge tags supported.

  • case_description string

    The case description. Merge tags supported.

  • case_status string

    The case status. Possible values: OPEN or CLOSED.

  • case_owner string

    The case owner. The users Capsule CRM username.

  • opportunity_name string

    The opportunity name. Merge tags supported.

  • opportunity_description string

    The opportunity description. Merge tags supported.

  • opportunity_milestone string

    The Capsule CRM milestone ID.

  • opportunity_owner string

    The opportunity owner. The users Capsule CRM username.

  • task_description string

    The task description. Merge tags supported.

  • task_detail string

    More details for the task. Merge tags supported.

  • task_days_until_due integer

    The number of days until the task is due.

  • task_status string

    The task status. Possible values: OPEN or COMPLETED.

  • task_category string

    The task category. Custom task categories can be configured in the Capsule CRM account.

    Default values: Call, Email, Follow-up, Meeting, Milestone, or Send.

  • task_owner string

    The task owner. The users Capsule CRM username.

  • assign_task string

    What the task is assigned to. Possible values: none, case, person or opportunity.

  • feed_condition_conditional_logic boolean

    Is the feed condition (conditional logic) setting enabled. Default is false.

  • feed_condition_conditional_logic_object array

    An associative array containing the conditional logic rules. See the Conditional Logic Object for more details.

Custom Field Properties

    'key'   => 'title',
    'value' => '3',

Each custom field is an associative array containing the following properties:

  • key string

    The Capsule CRM custom field key.

    The default keys are: title, organization, email_work, email_home, phone_work, phone_mobile, phone_fax, phone_home, phone_direct, address_office, address_home, address_postal, website_url, website_skype, website_twitter, website_facebook, website_linked_in, website_xing, website_feed, website_google_plus, website_flickr, website_github, and website_youtube.

  • value string

    The ID of the form field or entry meta item containing the value for this custom field.