bookmark_borderConfiguring the Partial Entries Add-On

The Partial Entries add-on for Gravity Forms allows you to capture user input before the form is fully submitted. This can be quite helpful in identifying where users may be abandoning your form.

In this article, we will show you how to easily set up the capturing of partial entries on your form.

  1. partial-entries-setup-1First, access the form that you want to capture partial entries on. This is done by clicking on Forms, then clicking on the specific form.
  2. partial-entries-setup-2Once within the form editor, hover over Settings, and click on Partial Entries to access Partial Entries settings for this form.
  3. partial-entries-setup-4You should now be presented with the settings for the Partial Entries add-on. To enable the processing of partial entries, enable the checkbox labeled Partial Entries
  4. partial-entries-setup-5Additional options will now appear. The first of these being the Warning Message. This is used to place a message below the form description, making your users aware that their field values are being saved before submission.
  5. partial-entries-setup-6Finally, like other Gravity Forms add-ons, the Partial Entries add-on supports conditional logic. For more information on conditional logic, take a look at our article on conditional logic.