Emma Changelog

1.6.0 | 2024-02-08

  • Added support for async (background) feed processing to improve form submission performance.
  • Fixed an issue which causes a 404 response from Emma to display a fatal error on the Feeds list page.

1.5 | 2021-05-07

  • Fixed a deprecation notice with PHP 8.

1.4 | 2020-09-21

  • Added support for Gravity Forms 2.5.

1.3 | 2020-03-17

  • Added translations for Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and Turkish.
  • Added additional logging statements.
  • Updated the order of the API settings on the Forms > Settings > Emma page.
  • Updated API library to public property in support of Emma block.
  • Fixed PHP 7.4 notices which occur when the API is initializing and the settings are empty.
  • Fixed a PHP 7.4 notice which occurs on the feed configuration page when saving a new feed.
  • Fixed a fatal error which can occur if the Emma class is included by another plugin.

1.2 | 2017-04-28

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added translations.
  • Added feed duplication support.
  • Fixed strings for translations

1.1 | 2015-08-26

  • Added support for delaying feed processing until payment by PayPal Standard is successfully completed.
  • Added gf_emma() for easily getting an Emma instance.
  • Added Spanish (es_ES) translation.
  • Updated 'Opt-In Condition' setting label to 'Conditional Logic'.
  • Updated feed processing to use get_field_value() when retrieving mapped field values, enabling support for GF_Field::get_value_export with GF and later.
  • Updated feed processing to abort if email is empty or invalid.
  • Fixed PHP notice caused by Add-On Framework change in Gravity Forms

1.0 | 2015-04-29

  • It's all new!