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The HipChat Add-On requires a Gravity Forms Pro or Elite License.

HipChat is a service that provides group and private chat, file sharing and integrations for teams. The Gravity Forms HipChat Add-On requires a HipChat account and the appropriate Gravity Forms license level.

Installing The HipChat Add-On

The easiest way to install the HipChat Add-On is via the Add-On manager within Gravity Forms in your WordPress Dashboard.

To install manually follow the directions below:

  1. Download the add-on plugin from the Add-Ons download page.
  2. Upload the plugin folder and files via FTP to your wp-content/plugins folder OR upload the plugin zip file via the “Add New” plugin menu in WordPress.
  3. Activate the “Gravity Forms HipChat Add-On” plugin you just uploaded.

Setup The HipChat Add-On

Now that the HipChat Add-On is installed and active you will need to setup Gravity Forms to integrate with your HipChat account. The HipChat Add-On adds a new link to the “Settings” menu under “Forms” in your WordPress Dashboard. Go to the Gravity Forms “Settings” page and click on the “HipChat” link.

On the Gravity Forms HipChat Settings page you will need to enter your HipChat API Authentication Token and then click the update settings button.

Your HipChat API Authentication Token can be generated via the Group Admin area of your HipChat account. Click on the Group Admin link in the HipChat toolbar, select API from the Group Admin navigation and generate an authentication token to use for the Gravity Forms HipChat Add-On. You must configure the authentication token as an admin token and not a notification token.

If you have entered a valid HipChat API Authentication Token you may then proceed to setup your HipChat feeds.

Setup HipChat Feeds

Your HipChat Feeds allow you to integrate a form with your HipChat account to instantly send a notification to a HipChat Chat Room when a form is submitted.

  1. Edit the Form you would like to integrate with HipChat.
  2. Click on the HipChat navigation item under the Form Settings.
  3. Click on the “Add New” button to add a new HipChat Feed.
  4. Give your Feed a Name. This can be simply “HipChat Integration” or something unique to distinguish it from other feeds you may setup for the same form.
  5. Select the HipChat Room you would like the notification to go to.
  6. Select the Notification Color that HipChat will use for the background of the notification to distinguish it from standard chat.
  7. Select if you’d like to Send User Notification when the notification appears in HipChat. This will use HipChat’s built in audio/visual cues to alert users in the chatroom of the notification.
  8. Configure the Message of the HipChat notification. This is what will appear in HipChat.
  9. Enable and configure Conditional Logic if you would like to conditionally send the notification to HipChat.
  10. Click Update Settings.

Now that you have setup a HipChat feed, when the form you selected is submitted it will automatically send a notification to the HipChat Room you have configured with the message you have configured.