Mad Mimi Changelog

1.5.0 | 2024-05-20

  • Added support for async (background) feed processing to improve form submission performance.
  • Fixed PHP warnings that occur when saving the settings when using PHP 8.2.

1.4 | 2020-09-08

  • Added support for Gravity Forms 2.5.
  • Updated the feed name setting for new feeds to include a default value.

1.3 | 2020-03-24

  • Added translations for Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and Turkish.
  • Fixed PHP 7.4 notices which occur when the API is initializing and the settings are empty.

1.2 | 2018-04-09

  • Added security enhancements.
  • Added GPL to plugin header.
  • Update API library to be a public property.
  • Updated Plugin URI and Author URI to use https.
  • Updated strings for translations.
  • Fixed strings for translations.

1.1 | 2016-08-31

  • Added feed duplication support.
  • Added gf_madmimi() for easily getting a Mad Mimi instance.
  • Added support for delaying feed processing until payment by PayPal Standard is successfully completed.
  • Added Spanish (es_ES) translation.
  • Updated feed processing to abort if email is empty or invalid.
  • Updated API calls to use native WordPress functions.
  • Fixed a PHP notice on the feeds page for the list name column.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause an incorrect result to be displayed when validating the API settings.
  • Fixed a PHP warning for the List setting if no lists were returned by the API.
  • Fixed an issue with the request failed message if a WP_Error occurs.
  • Fixed a fatal error when the MadMimi class has already been included by another plugin.

1.0 | 2015-05-14

  • It's all new!