bookmark_borderObtaining & Saving your Mad Mimi API Key

If you have not downloaded and installed the Mad Mimi Add-On visit Downloading & Installing the Mad Mini Add-On for assistance.

##Obtaining your Mad Mimi API Key

Once you have downloaded and installed your Mad Mimi Add-On you are now ready to setup your Add-On. You will need to do this to integrate Gravity Forms with your Mad Mimi account.

  1. settings To begin, hover over Forms, and then select Settings from the dropdown.

  2. Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.42.05 PM Once you are in the form settings, select Mad Mimi from the plugin list on the left.

  3. Mad-Mimi-Settings Under the Mad Mimi settings you will see two boxes that require your personal information. You will need to visit to obtain your API Key. Your Email Address is the address you used to sign up with Mad Mimi.

  4. madmimi Follow the link provided in the step above, and log into your account. Once you have logged into your account on Mad Mimi, select Account from the top navigation bar.

  5. api Once you have selected Account from the top navigation bar, look under Settings & Billing for your Secret API Key. Copy this API key.

##Saving your Mad Mimi API Key

  1. trueAPI After you have copied your API Key, paste into the appropriate box under your Mad Mimi Settings. While you’re at it, type in your email in the box above. Select Update Settings when you are finished.


After you have entered a valid email address and API key for your Mad Mimi account into your Mad Mimi Settings, you can select Update Settings and you are now ready to create your Mad Mimi feed. Visit Creating a Mad Mimi Feed to learn how to setup your feed.

Last modified: October 4, 2017