Page Break


The Page field allows the creation of multi-page forms. The Page field is available under the Standard Fields section within the field library sidebar of the form builder.

Adding a Page field will automatically add three new markers to your form:

  1. a Start Paging marker at the top of your form.
  2. a Page Break marker in the position you dragged to.
  3. an End Paging marker at the bottom of your form.

Each one of these sections offer different settings, all of which are explained here.

Page Break Field Icon

Page field as displayed in the Field Library

Common Settings

This field uses only common field settings for the Appearance and Advanced settings. For a description of each of the common field settings, refer to this article. Below you will find description of specialty settings that are particular to this field.

Start Paging Marker

Start paging marker for the Page field

The Start Paging field will always appear at the top of your form (after a Page Break field is added to your form). This field is used to specify general options that define the behavior of your multi-page form.

General Settings

GForms Page Field Start Paging Settings
Progress IndicatorSelect which type of visual progress indicator you would like to display. Available options are Progress Bar, Steps or None.
StyleSelect which progress bar style you would like to use. Select custom to choose your own text and background color.
Page NamesName each of the pages on your form. Page names are displayed with the selected progress indicator.
Display completed progress bar on confirmationCheck this box if you would like the progress bar to display with the confirmation text.

Page Break Marker

 GForms Page Break Field

The Page Break field specifies exactly where one page ends and the next page begins. You can add as many Page Break fields as you need and each carries settings that will customize the behavior for that page only. Setting here affect the page laid out before the page break field.

General Settings

GForms Page Field Paging Settings
Next Button and Previous Button Settings
DefaultIf selected, you can enter a text string into that will show on the relevant page button.
ImageIf selected, you can enter the path to an image you would like to use as the page button.

Conditional Logic Settings

Page Conditional Logic
Page and Next Button Conditional Logic Settings
Page Conditional LoicWhen enabled you can show or hide a specific page based on the user’s selections.
Next Button Conditional LogicWhen enabled you can show or hide the Next button based on the user’s selections.

End Paging Marker

End paging marker for the Page field

The End Paging field occurs at the bottom of your form. It provides an option to modify the Previous button, which appears on the last page.

General Settings

GForms Page Field End Paging Settings
Previous Button Settings

See the same options above in the Page Break marker.

Removing Page Breaks

To remove a page break from your form, click the Delete (trash can) icon on the Page field. Please note: you must remove each individual page field before you can remove the Start and End page fields and all paging from your form.

Merge Tags

This field does not support merge tags.