Using the PayPal Pro Add-On

DEPRECATION NOTICE: The PayPal Pro Add-On is no longer being updated by Gravity Forms, and is no longer available for download. It uses a legacy PayPal API no longer being actively developed by PayPal, and is not compatible with modern PayPal accounts. It has been replaced in our plug-in library by other PayPal add-ons.


Gravity Forms makes collecting payments with PayPal Pro quick and easy! With the PayPal Pro Add-On you can capture credit card payments along with any additional data you want from your customer right on your site, without sending the user to a 3rd party site to complete the transaction.

Setup Your Form

After installing the PayPal Pro Add-On, the first thing you will need to do is configure your form to work with it. This is done by using the Pricing Fields to configure the purchase selections and the Credit Card field to allow users to enter their credit card information on the form.

  1. Go to New Form under the Forms navigation or choose an existing form from Edit Forms in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Add Fields for capturing standard payment information such as Name, Email, Address, etc.
  3. Add Pricing Fields to your form and configure them to suit your needs.
  4. Add a Credit Card Field from the Pricing Fields toolbox to your form.
  5. Save your form.

Setup PayPal Pro

Once your form has been created, it’s time to setup the PayPal Pro Add-On and connect it to your PayPal Pro account. This is done via PayPal Pro’s API and the setup requires you enter your PayPal Pro API account credentials on the PayPal Pro Settings page.

See our article on Setting Up the PayPal Pro Add-On for instructions.

About The Credit Card Field

The PayPal Pro Add-On enables the Credit Card Field in Gravity Forms. This field appears in the Pricing Fields toolbox of the Form Editor. This is a new field type that makes it easy to capture credit card information. It includes integrated card type detection so the user does not have to pick which type of card they are using and it also has built in validation to validate that the card format is correct.

This field does not actually store the Credit Card data. It is available as part of the initial form submission strictly as part of integration with the PayPal Pro Add-On and other payment gateway add-ons. This data will not be stored as part of the form entry and is not retained by your site, server, or database.

If you Preview or view your form on a page that is not secure, it will be obvious, both to you and your users, if you do not properly secure the page. If the page is unsecured, the Credit Card Field will be highlighted with a red warning. This warning will not be displayed if the page displaying the form is loaded via https with a valid SSL certificate.

PayPal Pro Subscription Cancelations

When setting up PayPal Pro subscription payments, please keep in mind that the only way to currently cancel a subscription is via the entry details in the WordPress Dashboard or your PayPal account.

PayPal will communicate back to your site via IPN when a recurring payment profile has been canceled.