Setting up the Akismet Add-On


  • You will need Gravity Forms, and the official Gravity Forms Akismet Add-On installed and active.
  • The Akismet Spam Protection plugin must be installed and active. See this guide for information on setting up the Akismet plugin.
  • A form that you want to connect to the Akismet service to check for spam on comments or entries.


Refer to this reference guide for a list of all the settings available to this add-on.

  1. Ensure the Gravity Forms Akismet Add-On has the Akismet Integration global setting toggled to on (the default is on).
  2. Go to the Form Settings for the form you wish to integrate, and choose the Askimet settings tab.
  3. Ensure the Akismet Enabled setting is toggled to on.
  4. Check the defaults, or change as required, the mappings of your form fields to the standard fields Akismet requires. This will help set the expectation as to what Akismet is receiving, allowing the service to better judge whether you are getting spam or not.


After some time live and collecting entries, make sure you review your Entries list and look for any that have been marked as spam. As Akismet trains itself on your data, the service should improve in determining the difference between spam and non-spam entries for your form.