Slack Feed Meta


The Feed Object meta for the Slack add-on is an associative array containing the properties which determine how the add-on should process the form submission.

$feed['meta'] = array(
	'feed_name'                               => 'Your Feed Name',
	'message'                                 => 'Entry #{entry_id} ({entry_url}) has been added.',
	'feed_condition_conditional_logic'        => true,
	'feed_condition_conditional_logic_object' => array(
		'conditionalLogic' => array(),


We recommend accessing the $feed meta using the rgar() or rgars() functions, e.g.;

$conditional_logic_enabled = rgars( $feed, 'meta/feed_condition_conditional_logic' );


  • feed_name string

    The feed name which appears on the add-ons feeds tab.

  • send_to string

    The type of channel Slack will send the message to: Possible values: channel, group or user.

  • channel string

    The ID of the Slack channel this feed will post a message to when processed.

  • group string

    The ID of the Slack private group this feed will post the message to.

  • user string

    The ID of the Slack user this feed will post the message to.

  • message string

    The message that will be posted to Slack. Can contain merge tags.

  • feed_condition_conditional_logic boolean

    Is the feed condition (conditional logic) setting enabled. Default is false.

  • feed_condition_conditional_logic_object array

    An associative array containing the conditional logic rules. See the Conditional Logic Object for more details.