Slack Update for New API


Effect of Deprecation on Versions 1.12 and Prior

Users who do not upgrade will no longer be able to modify their Slack feed settings after February 24th, as the API endpoints used to list channels and group IMs will not be accessible. Upgrading will restore expected functionality to the feed settings.

Upgrade Process

Users who update to the new version will need to re-authenticate with their Slack service. You do that by disconnecting and reconnecting.

  1. Disconnect from Slack using the “Disconnect” button in the Slack Add-On Settings page.
  2. Connect to Slack again using the normal process described here.

After that, functionality should continue to work as it previously did with no changes needed, except the Team Invite feature, as described below.

Team Invite Feature Deprecation

Previous versions of our Slack Add-On offered the Team Invite feature, which relied on a legacy API endpoint and the admin scope of a legacy API token.

Under the new Slack API and tokens, the endpoints offered for this feature are now only available to Slack Enterprise Grid accounts.

As of this update, this feature will no longer function within our Slack Add-On.