Upgrading to GetResponse Add-On version 1.2.1


GetResponse Add-On version 1.2.1 includes updates to utilize the newest GetResponse API version 3. This version of their API includes new field data validations that did not previously exist, and upgrading carries a risk if you have existing forms that were previously breaking these validations.

Areas To Consider

  1. Refer to this section of our “Setting up A Feed” article for specific information on the way fields are validated now. A field that breaks the validation will be ignored on submission, and that data will not be added to your contact.

  2. The newer API has a different endpoint for the GetResponse Enterprise plan. As such, there is a new setting to define that. This only needs adjustment if you are specifically using their Enterprise plan, as it defaults to “standard” (which covers all the other non-Enterprise plans).

  3. The upgrade process to any version using the version 3 API will modify the metadata of your existing GetResponse feeds. If you downgrade later, those changes cannot be reversed, and your feed will need to be recreated manually.

We Shouldn’t Have to Say This But…

As always, test your forms and feeds in a sandbox environment before you upgrade any production environment.