WP-CLI Tools

This article includes a few extra commands which are available with the CLI Add-On for Gravity Forms.

Clearing Transients

wp gf tool clear_transients
wp gf tool clear-transients

Clears the Gravity Forms transients.


# Successful clearing of the transients.
$ wp gf tool clear-transients
Success: Gravity Forms transients cleared successfully.
# Failed clearing of the transients.
$ wp gf tool clear_transients
Error: There was a problem clearing the Gravity Forms transients.

Emptying Trash

wp gf tool empty_trash
wp gf tool empty-trash

Delete the trashed entries.


# Successful deletion of trashed entries for all forms.
$ wp gf tool empty-trash
Success: Trash emptied successfully for all forms.
# Successful deletion of trashed entries for a specific form.
$ wp gf tool empty-trash 2
Success: Trash emptied successfully for form ID 2


[<form-id>]The ID of the form to delete the entries from. Default: all forms.

Verifying Checksums

wp gf tool verify_checksums
wp gf tool verify-checksums

Verify the Gravity Forms plugin files against the checksums.


# Successful verification of the plugin checksums.
$ wp gf tool verify-checksums
Success: Gravity Forms install verifies against checksums.
# Failed checksum verification.
$ wp gf tool verify-checksums
Warning: File doesn't exist: css/admin.min.css
Error: Gravity Forms install doesn't verify against checksums.


[--version=<value>]The version number the checksums should be validated against.

Getting the System Report

wp gf tool system_report
wp gf tool system-report
wp gf tool status

Outputs the system report from the Forms > System Status page.


# Successfully using the "system-report" command to output the system report.
$ wp gf tool system-report
### Gravity Forms ###
# Using the "status" alias with an older Gravity Forms version.
$ wp gf tool status
Error: The system report is only available with Gravity Forms 2.2 or greater.

Running the database setup

See the Managing Gravity Forms and Add-Ons with WP-CLI article.