bookmark_borderCreating a Feed for the Zoho CRM Add-On

Now that you have installed and configured the Zoho CRM add-on, it’s time to create a feed. A feed simply determines how information is sent from your form to Zoho. In this article, we will go over the steps you will take to easily send your form information over the Zoho.

  1. zoho-crm-feed-1First, access the form that you would like to use with Zoho. This is done by clicking on Forms on the left side navigation menu, and clicking on the desired form.
  2. zoho-crm-feed-2On the top menu, hover over Form Settings and click on Zoho.
  3. zoho-crm-feed-3You are now presented with your available feeds. Click the Add New button to create a new feed for the Zoho add-on.
  4. zoho-crm-feed-4It’s now time to configure your new feed. The first option will be the Field Name. In this field, simply enter something to identify the feed for easier recognition in the future.
  5. zoho-crm-feed-5Next you will need to select your desired action. You can use your feed to either create a new contact or a new lead. Once selected, additional options will appear which will be discussed in the following sections:

Create a New Contact

zoho-crm-feed-6If you selected the Create a New Contact option within the Action dropdown, additional options will appear. In this section, we will walk you through the options available.

  1. zoho-crm-feed-7First is the Map Fields section. In this area, you will map each other the available data types with your form fields using the dropdowns. In addition to the required types, you may also use the additional bottom left dropdown to add additional data types.
  2. zoho-crm-feed-8Next, are the Contact Owner and Lead Source fields. Simply use the dropdowns to select the contact owner as well as the lead sources that you want to be associated with the new contact (if any).
  3. zoho-crm-feed-9You are also able to set a new description of the submitted contact using the Contact Description field. This field supports both static text, as well as merge tags to dynamically insert data based on the form submission. To review and insert available merge tags, you may use the icon to the right of the field.

Create a New Lead

zoho-crm-feed-10If the Create a New Lead option is selected within the Action dropdown, additional options will appear. The following section will go over these options.

  1. zoho-crm-feed-11First is the Map Fields section. This allows you to map each option to the corresponding field that describes it. Simply select each of your fields that apply to the defined value. You may also define other values by using the bottom-left dropdown in this section. If you need to add a custom field select “Add Custom Key” in the dropdown and use the Zoho CRM field label as key.
  2. zoho-crm-feed-12Next, are the Owner, Rating, Source, and Status dropdowns. Each of these will allow you to optionally define additional values within the lead that is created by your form.
  3. zoho-crm-feed-13The Lead Description field will allow you to add additional details about the lead using both static text, as well as merge tags to dynamically generate content based on the form submission. Available merge tags may be reviewed and inserted using the icon to the right of the field.

Additional Options

  1. zoho-crm-feed-14Additional options such as Approval Mode, Workflow Mode, Email Opt-Out, and Update Existing. Simply select these options based on your particular needs. The most notable of these options is the Update Existing option which will update the information if it already exists within Zoho CRM.
  2. zoho-crm-feed-15The Task Details option will allow you to create new tasks for the new contact or lead. Once this checkbox is selected, you may then define the Task Subject, Days Until Due, Owner, and Status.
  3. zoho-crm-feed-16Just like our other add-ons, the Zoho CRM add-on supports conditional logic by selecting the checkbox labeled Enable Conditional Logic. For more information on conditional logic, see our article on configuring conditional logic.

Last modified: March 15, 2018