Zoho CRM Potential Data Errors


When data is sent to Zoho CRM for processing, errors may occur. Some errors are related to the data format or size. If an error does occur, the error message will be saved into a note on the entry. Data format or size errors do not prevent the contact/lead from being created in Zoho CRM. The bad data is simply not saved with the contact/lead. A few errors that may occur are listed below.

Error Notes

Data Format

If the data sent is in the wrong format, such as including the @ with the Twitter handle, a message similar to below will be saved as an entry note.

Data Size

Some fields have set field sizes, and if the data sent exceeds the limit, a message like below is sent. To prevent this issue, a Maximum Characters size limit may be set for the field in the Form Editor.

Contact/Lead Already Exists

When creating a feed, there is the setting Update Contact/Lead if contact/lead already exists for email address. If this setting is not checked, the contact/lead is not updated and a message like below is added as a note on the entry.