Zoho CRM European Hosted Accounts

As of Zoho CRM version 1.7, it is no longer necessary to use the filters below if your account is hosted in the EU.

Only follow the directions below if you are using a version previous to Zoho CRM Add-On 1.7. It is highly recommended that the latest version of Zoho CRM is downloaded, because along with the changes to handle accounts hosted in the EU, the update uses Zoho CRM’s new API Version 2.0. API Version 1.0 is deprecated and its end-of-life date is 12/31/2019.

If your Zoho CRM account is hosted in the EU you will need to configure the add-on to use different endpoints by adding some code snippets to your theme functions.php file or a custom functionality plugin.

add_filter( 'gform_zoho_accounts_api_url', function() {
return 'https://accounts.zoho.eu';
} );

add_filter( 'gform_zoho_api_url', function() {
return 'https://crm.zoho.eu/crm/private/';
} );

Sample Issues

Issue Sample 1

Hi, I am trying to Authenticate the Zoho CRM addon and using my Zoho login details. Everytime I save my email and password, it says “the user does not exist.” Even when I try to use the Authentication token option, it has a red ‘x’ next to the field and doesn’t register the token. This is not allowing me to create a feed and keeps bringing me back to the settings.

Issue Sample 2

I’m experiencing some trouble with setting up the Zoho CRM add-on. I’ve downloaded and activated the add-on one site within a multisite. When I enter the credentials for Zoho I get an error that the user doesn’t exist. I’m certain the user does exist in Zoho, because I’m able to login to Zoho with this user. I’ve enabled debugging and debugged the code locally, but I keep getting this response. I’ve updated the Gravity Forms plugin in the local environment, but this didn’t help.