Geolocation Add-On Settings Reference


This quick reference guide lists all the settings related to the Geolocation Add-On and includes a short description of their purpose.

These settings are available within the Gravity Forms Settings Page under the tab for “Geolocation”.

Add-On Settings

Geolocation Add-on Settings Reference accessed under Gravity Forms Setttings Page
Google Places API KeyTo use Geolocation, you will need a Google Places API key. A green checkmark indicates a valid API key.
Form Submission Geolocation SettingsToggle this setting to Collect Submitter Location Data on All Forms. You can disable this on any form by turning off the setting on your individual address field settings.
Google Maps ConflictsToggle this setting to prevent Google Maps Script Conflicts. If you have other plugins enabled that load the Google Maps Javascript library, this setting will avoid conflicting with those scripts though you should not enable this unless you are experiencing javascript conflicts.