Using the Geolocation Add-On


The Official Geolocation Add-on provides Google Places API integration to the Address Field for easy lookup and population of addresses.


  • Download and install the add-on.
  • Register a Google Places API for use with the add-on.
  • Gravity Forms 2.6 or later must be installed.

Configure Geolocation Add-On Settings

All settings for the Geolocation Add-On are at the site level within Gravity Forms. These can be accessed at Forms → Settings → GeoLocation. Reference Setting Up the Geolocation Add-On for all available settings.

Once you have configured the Geolocation Add-On for your website, you can activate Geolocation population within any Address Field in your forms using the configuration details below.

Configuring Address Fields to use Geolocation

Settings for the Geolocation Add-On are accessed within the Address Field’s Field Settings under the Advanced Settings. Check the box for ‘Enable Geolocation Suggestions’ to activate the Geolocation Add-On for this field.

Advanced Settings showing Enable Geolocation Suggestions for Address Field Settings

After enabling the above settings, suggestions from Google Places API will be provided when completing the address field.

Geolocation suggestions provided in Address Field.