Google Analytics Add-On Changelog

2.3.0 - 2024-07-02

  • Added the session ID to the event data sent to Google Analytics when using Google Measurement Protocol.
  • Fixed an issue where the result of sending an event to Google might not be written to the log when triggered by a non-logged in user.

2.2.0 | 2024-02-07

  • Added support for the {source_page_number} and {current_page_number} merge tags in pagination settings.
  • Fixed a link on the plugin settings page.
  • Fixed a timeout error that occurs when using the http_request_timeout filter.
  • Removed unused Universal Analytics code that is no longer relevant to GA4.

2.1.0 | 2023-09-06

  • Added improved logging for pagination and submission events.
  • Fixed an issue where confirmation redirect URLs with query string variables are getting improperly escaped, preventing the query string variables from being accessible on the confirmation page.
  • Fixed an issue where events can be incorrectly sent to tag manager using the selected trigger name rather than the trigger's event name.
  • Fixed an issue where the tracking ID is not included when loading gtag.js.
  • Fixed an issue where the gforms_google_analytics_frontend_strings variable is output multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue that causes scripts to output on REST submission requests.

2.0.0 | 2023-05-31

  • Added support for manually entering Google Analytics settings.
  • Added support for confirmations configured to redirect to another site.
  • Added support for console logging.
  • Added support for mapping UTM variables from URL when configuring Tag Manager feeds and pagination events.
  • Added methods for upgrading feeds to be compatible with Google Analytics 4.
  • Added validation for event parameters and values.
  • Updated the oAuth flow so that it uses the Google Analytics Admin API which is compatible with GA4.
  • Updated the feed settings to allow for sending up to 25 custom parameters.
  • Removed all goal based settings as goals will not work in GA4.

1.3 | 2023-05-11

  • Added additional logging to help troubleshoot sending events.
  • Added warning message about upcoming end of life for Google Universal Analytics API.
  • Disabled automatic updates for this version only since the update from 1.3 to 2.0 will require user interaction.

1.2 | 2022-12-22

  • Fixed an issue where the save settings button is disabled in languages other than English.
  • Added Gravity Forms license key to oAuth process.

1.1 | 2022-10-18

  • Added fallback methods for entering account information manually.
  • Fixed an issue where the Google Analytics query limit prevents displaying all of a user's accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where forms embedded with ajax will not send events using the Google Analytics connection method without an event value.

1.0 | 2022-06-15

  • Added an option to manually configure the Analytics account in Google Tag Manager so GA4 accounts can be used without an associated UA account.
  • Updated error messages to be more informative when API calls fail.
  • Fixed an issue where goals can't be created due to duplicate IDs.

1.0-rc-1 | 2022-02-23

  • Updated error message styling to be compatible with Gravity Forms 2.6.
  • Updated error messages when API calls fail.
  • Fixed an issue where events are potentially duplicated when sending via ajax.

1.0-beta-1 | 2022-01-12

  • All new!