Setting up a Zapier Transfer


Setting up the Zapier add-on

Zapier Transfer requires our Zapier Add-On v4.2 or later.


Zapier is an add-on that allows you to trigger an action upon submission of a form. Zapier Transfer allows you to pull all prior submissions from a form and process actions against those submissions in bulk at one time using Zapier actions.

Setup the Transfer

Zapier dashboard menu showing Zapier Transfers

The entirety of the Transfer setup is handled at Zapier, so the screens we’re including are subject to change as Zapier changes their interface.

To access Transfers, log into your Zapier account and select Transfers from the left hand menu.

You’ll be presented with an Introductory Splash screen (temporarily) and then be presented with a screen to select the Source and Destination applications.

Select Source & Destination Applications

Zapier Transfer screen for selecting source and destination applications.
Zapier Transfer Source & Destination Settings screen
Field NameDescription
Source AppSelect ‘Gravity Forms’
Source DataSelect ‘Form Submission’
Destination AppSelect from the list the Application you’re feeding your Gravity Forms Data into.
Destination ActionSelect from the list the Application Action that should be performed against the data received from Gravity Forms.

Click Next to confirm your source data and destination action.

Connect to Gravity Forms

You’ll be presented with the screen to Connect your Gravity Forms Account.

Zapier Transfer screen for connecting to your Gravity Forms account.

If you haven’t configured a connection at Zapier yet, you will need to select Connect a new account and walk through the connection process detailed in Setting up the Zapier Add-On. If you’ve configured a connection, you can select it from this screen and click Next.

Select your data source

You’ll be presented with the next screen to Select your data source from Gravity Forms:

Zapier Transfer screen for selecting your data source from Gravity forms including the specific form and whether to use Admin Labels or not.
Field NameDescription
FormSelect a form from your website
Use Admin Field Labels?Select False to use the Field Labels in your field mappings (default setting). Select True to use the Admin Labels added under Field Settings, Advanced.

Click Next to confirm your data source settings from Gravity Forms. You’ll receive a message “Getting data from Gravity Forms” and then be presented with the screens to map your Destination application & actions.

Select your Destination settings

The settings screen for destination will depend on what application you have chosen at Zapier. For this example, we’re using Google Sheets as the Destination Application.

Zapier Transfer screen for mapping data from Gravity Forms to your Destination application. In our example, we used Google Sheets.

Map data from Gravity Forms to Destination App

Once you’ve selected the Destination Application and its initial settings, you’ll be presented with the Field Mappings screen. The field available for mapping will depend on the fields available in your destination application. For a Google Sheet where you’re creating Spreadsheet Rows, you’ll be presented with the columns in the spreadsheet. In the example below, we’ve completed mapping the fields from the form.

Zapier Transfer screen for mapping field data from Gravity Forms to Google Sheets.

Click Next button to confirm the field mappings.

Confirm Fields are Mapped Correctly

Once you’ve mapped your fields, you’ll be presented with a screen that will show your actual entries from your form mapped to the fields for confirmation.

Zapier Transfer screen for confirming field mapping is correct.

You can page through the confirmation (it loads with a preview of 3 entries) and if you’re good with the field mapping, click Looks good to start the transfer selection.

Review your data to start the Transfer

Once you’ve confirmed your field mappings look correct, the transfer process will load a list of all your entries in a table view.

Zapier Transfer screen showing the data pulled from Gravity Forms.

You can apply filters to this list and confirm the entries you want to send to the Transfer process. You can learn more about the filters by consulting the Transfer documentation at Zapier. Once you’ve confirmed your selection, you’ll be provided the final confirmation before starting your Transfer:

Zapier Transfer screen for confirming the amount of records in the bulk transfer and the number of tasks that will be used to perform the transfer.

This will confirm your Source and Destination and the cost in the number of tasks that will be run at Zapier. Once you’re good with this select, click Send data to start your transfer.

Known Limitations

  • Zapier pulls all records from Gravity Forms at once (in batches of 100 records), but only sends them to the destination application in groups of 4 records at a time during the Transfer process. Because of that, the records may not be in a specific order when they arrive in their destination application. You may need to perform additional processing at the destination application if the sort order matters to your final processing.
  • The Transfer function at Zapier is in beta; if you run into any issues with processing data in Zapier Transfer, you should escalate the issue to Zapier customer support first.