bookmark_borderSetting Up the Quiz Grading

If you have not downloaded and installed the Quiz Add-On, and you need help doing so, take a look at our article on Downloading and Installing the Quiz Add-On.

Also, if you haven’t Setup the Quiz Field, please do so before moving forward with this article.

Setting up your Quiz Grading

After adding Quiz fields to your form you will now need to configure what type of grading you would like to implement for your quiz. When you add a Quiz Field to your form, a new section will automatically be added to the Form Settings that introduces Quiz Settings related to grading.

  1. Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.57.29 PM To setup our quiz grading we will first need to hover over Forms and select Settings from the Gravity forms Toolbar.

  2. Settings Once you have selected Quiz Settings you are given a couple of options prior to setting up the grading. If you would like to randomize the order of the quiz fields each time, select Shuffle quiz fields. Also if you would like to receive feedback right after you have submitted your quiz field, select Instant Feedback.

  3. None Now that we have configured the General Settings, we can now cover the Quiz Grading. By default grading is set to None. If you would like to add grading to the quiz you can select the option Pass/Fail, or Letter. Step 4 goes into more depth on possible options for these grading types.

  4. At this point, you can either select None, Pass/Fail, or Letter for your grading options. If you selected None the information below does not apply. However if you selected Pass/fail, or Letter as your grading type, you will be presented options for each.

  • Percentage Pass/Fail has multiple options to configure. Under Pass/Fail you can select the percentage at which your user will pass the quiz, by altering the Pass Percentage. You are also presented with the option to Display a quiz confirmation. by selecting this option, the user will either see a pass confirmation or a fail confirmation upon submission of the quiz.

  • Letter Grade However, if you selected Letter Grades, you are presented with slightly different options. You can also change what letter grade the user will receive by altering the percent. After you have assigned the appropriate labels, and the corresponding percentages, you can then select wether or not you would like to display a quiz confirmation. This option is identical to the one described in the step above.