Using the Quiz Add-On


The Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On allows you to quickly create quizzes that are automatically scored and graded when the form is submitted.

The Quiz Add-On provides the special Quiz Field which is the building block of your quiz. A quiz to be graded either on a simple Pass/Fail scale or using a letter-grade system that you can customize. And remember, the Quiz Add-On allows you to add as many Quiz Fields as you would like to ANY form you choose!


  • Download and install the Quiz Add-On (you may require the appropriate type of Gravity Forms license to access the add-on, refer to this page).
  • Have a target form ready for where your quiz will go.


To get a quiz up and running, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Add a quiz field to your form.
  2. Define all the required settings for your Quiz field
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add all the Quiz fields you require.
  4. Configure the form level quiz-related settings you want.
  5. Embed your Quiz form on a page or post.
  6. Check the Quiz results

Once you have your form with Quiz fields up and running, your attention will shift to

Adding a Quiz Field

If you have met the pre-requisites, the Quiz field is available under the Advanced Fields section within the Field Library on the Form Editor. Drag it onto the Layout Space.

Define Quiz Field Settings

The Quiz field comes with a lot of settings to help you define different question types, answer scoring and the behaviors. Refer to the Quiz Field User Guide for a full list of the available settings.

Configure Your Form-level Quiz Settings

There are form level settings that control the behavior of all quiz fields on your form.

Such as randomizing the presentation of quiz questions, and what type of grading you would like to use. When you add a Quiz Field to your form, a new section will automatically be added to the Form Settings that introduces Quiz Settings related to grading. Visit the Configure Quiz Settings article for details.

Display Your Quiz

The Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On offers a few methods to display your quiz form, such as the standard form shortcode, function, and a widget. Check out this list of articles for more information on adding a form to your site.

The Quiz Confirmation messages that you configure in the Quiz Settings will automatically be displayed after the Form Confirmation message when the form is submitted.

Quiz Results

This article reviews quiz results and where to find them.

Quiz Merge Tags

You can view quiz-specific merge tags in this article. For more information on the general use of merge tags, refer to these articles.