bookmark_borderSetting Up the Quiz Fields

Visit Downloading and Installing the Quiz Add-On if you have not downloaded and installed the Quiz Add-On.

Setup the Quiz Fields

After you have installed, and activated the Quiz Add-On, you are ready to create a Quiz. To do this we will create a new form.

  1. Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 10.09.31 AM To create a new form, hover over Forms and select New Form.

  2. Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 10.16.28 AM Once you have created and named your form, go to advanced fields, and select Quiz to begin creating your quiz.

  3. Field_type Before you customize your quiz, go down to Quiz Field Type and select which quiz type you would like to use. Note: Drop Down and Radio Buttons will allow your user to only select one correct answer, while Checkboxes may require them to select multiple (depending on the question).

  4. Question Now you will need to create your question, this is the question that will be asked in this quiz field.

  5. Description After you have created your question, you will want to create a description that will provide some direction to the user on how the field should be filled out or selected.

  6. answers After creating your description you will need to create the appropriate quiz answers. After you have created your quiz answers you will need to select the check icon to make that answer(s) valid. Note if you are not using the Checkboxes field type, you will not be able to select multiple answers to validate.

  7. weighted score If you would like to add weighted scores, select Weighted Score. Weighted Score is a complex scoring system that allows you to assign answers points, the more points the user has obtained, the higher their score will be. Once you select Weighted Score, boxes with the number “0” will appear to the right of your created answers. You may alter these numbers to change the scoring for each selection.

  8. randomize After you have created and customized your answers, you can now select wether or not to Randomize order of choices. If you selected this option, your answer for each question will appear in a random order each quiz.

  9. download (2) You may also select the option to enable an answer explanation. If you select this option, you will need to provide an explanation in the box to explain why the “correct” answer is correct.

  10. download (3) You can also select Required to make the form field required. This will prevent the form from being submitted if it is not filled out or selected.

  11. download (4) Select Appearance to continue modifying your quiz field. Under appearance we see the option Placeholder. What ever you type in the box below will appear before you select your answer. For example:

  12. download (5) By default the Description Placement appears below the inputs, if you would like to change this, select Above inputs from the dropdown.

  13. cus_val You can also change the Customer Validation Message. This is the message that appears during an error with this field. Simply change this by typing in what you would prefer the message to say.

To setup your quiz grading, visit Setup the Quiz Add-On.